Jimmie Vaughan – Influential American blues-rock Guitarist

Influential American Blues-rock Guitarist Jimmie Vaughan

Jimmie Vaughan is one of the most influential American blues-rock guitarists and singers performing today. The Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster sound is so unique that many people can recognize his guitar playing upon hearing just a few notes. With a touch of bravado and swagger, this artist’s music is the aural equivalent of a souped-up street raser.

The older brother of the late guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan is primarily known as the leader of The Fabulous Thunderbirds blues rock musical group. Both Vaughan brothers are widely recognized as being some of the most preeminent blues rock guitarists to emerge from and form the Austin Texas music scene.

With The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mr. Vaughan and company created a distinctive sound that merged key elements of classic American blues and upbeat rock and roll with Tex-Mex music. Among the most well-known Fabulous Thunderbirds songs are “Wrap It Up”, “Full Time Lover” and “Tuff Enough”.

As a tribute to his musical prowess, Fender Guitars manufactures a special Jimmie Vaughan model Stratocaster guitar. One of their Fender Artist Series models, the Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster is a very popular instrument that is the guitar of choice for many amateur and professional musicians.

The Jimmie Vaughan strat is quite an instrument to behold. This guitar features a custom maple neck, single coil pickups and retro-style hardware.

The Vaughan brothers, Stevie Ray and Jimmie recorded a duo album together which was released shortly after Stevie Ray’s death. The album, titled “Family Style” contains a great mix of very likeable songs.

In addition to the “Family Style” album, the Jimmie Vaughan discography includes more than half a dozen albums with The Fabulous Thunderbirds and six solo albums.

Jimmie Vaughan also appeared onscreen as a musician in the film Blues Brothers 2000.

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