Lou Ann Barton: Steve Vaughan’s Muse

Lou Ann Barton: Steve Vaughan’s Muse Continues To Perform

Lou Ann Barton is a legend on the local Austin scene and in Texas generally. Although she has never achieved mainstream success in the broader entertainment world, Lou Ann Barton is renowned among Texas roots music fans for her soulful vocals and powerful stage presence. Details about Barton’s life are rare, as evidenced by the paltry Lou Ann Barton Wiki page. Although blessed with a powerful voice, Barton is known for showing restraint and good taste, using her vocals to support rather than dominate any given song. Free music photos from the 1970s partly show her legendary stage presence, which was informed by her refined appearance and powerful vocals. Barton is perhaps known best for playing with Stevie Ray Vaughan in the Triple Threat Revue.

This band formed in 1976 and was quite a live favorite. Unfortunately, two strong personalities can rarely last long together in a band. Barton departed the group in 1979, whereupon the it transformed into the famous Double Trouble band. In 2001, Barton appeared on Austin City Limits as a guest of Double Trouble, producing more outstanding performance for free music video watchers. As one of the Stevie Vaughan’s few living former band members, Barton is part of a select group of blues legends. Fans of blues should seek out free music videos that feature this soulful Texas musician.

Over the years, Barton has also worked with Glenn Frey and Jimmy Vaughan. These collaborations have produced excellent clips for free music video watchers. Sadly, Lou Ann Barton has not released many albums over the years. This has inspired many of her fans to collect rare tracks into free music albums that are available online. Although national Lou Ann Barton music tour dates are far and few between, she regularly performs in Texas to rapturous crowds.

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