Butch Hancock is Alternative Country

Butch Hancock – Alternative Country Singer

Butch Hancock is an alternative country singer from Lubbock, Texas. He rose to fame as part of the super group The Flatlanders, along with popular musicians Jimmie Dale Gilmore (who had an unforgettable cameo in the Cohen Brothers’ very popular film The Big Lebowski) and Joe Ely. While he never was as fully appreciated as should of been, like many of the musicians of his time, he is not without a strong catalog and legacy. He has been heralded by his contemporaries as one of the best songwriters of his time.

Butch Hancock’s style ranges from fast paced country lead by aggressive electric guitar leads, accompanied with pounding drums and several musicians, to solo softer acoustic ballads played by just himself and a six string. He has been a regular at numerous venues around the state of Texas, including Austin City Limits and the annual Kerrville Folk Festival. Butch Hancock’s music tour dates tend to be confined to Texas, as he is growing older.

Butch Hancock’s most famous song is “If You Were a Bluebird,” which was covered by the very famous and popular female country singer Emmylou Harris. The song is rather somber in tone and conveys several ubiquitous themes popularly found in folk and country music like sadness and hardship along with the necessity for a partner and companionship.

Hancock founded the small production company Rainlight Records and self released many of his works. While the original Hancock records may prove difficult to find, cd reproductions are available on the internet and some hole in the wall music stores around the country. His latest album was released in 2007 and entitled War and Peace.

Butch Hancock currently resides in Austin, Texas and continues to write and play the progressive country music he became so popular for originally creating.

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