Blind Luck Austin Texas

Blind Luck in Austin TX

Austin, Texas is well known as a haven for some of the best bands in the United States. Blind Luck is a member of this proud tradition, boasting some of the sharpest lyrics and innovative country stylings in the area. Their first full-length release, “Ante Up”, was released in 1998 on Double Down Music. They have since released two more albums, “Roll The Dice” and “Before They Were Rock Stars”, the latter of which was also released by Double Down Music.

Blind Luck’s hot country-rock sound caused the Austin Chronicle to name them the best new band in 1999 and got them regular bookings at such clubs as “Hole in the Wall.” The Austin Chronicle’s 2001 music poll also mentioned Blind Luck at number 2 on their “Best None of the Above” band.

Since their initial flurry of recording and releasing three albums in two years, Blind Luck has not put out any new albums. However, their loyal followers have noticed that many of the bands members have appeared as members of “The Box Socials”, so while Blind Luck may be currently defunct, their loyal fan base knows that they can still catch the band’s unique sounds under a different moniker.

Fortunately, the Box Socials are still playing in Austin and in other clubs around the area, so the members of Blind Luck are still productive and putting out great music. And should Blind Luck ever get back together and start playing clubs and releasing albums, fans of roots rock or just music in general will get to benefit from their hot sound that will surely get your toes tapping, whether they are in boots or tennis shoes.

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