Beth Williams’ Story

Beth Williams

Beth Williams is an inspirational woman. Though many would view her as a typical singer-songwriter from Texas, she is much more than that to the people who know and love her.

Williams’ journey starts as a young child. At ten years old, Williams remembers walking down the isle of her Church in San Antonio, TX. She gave her life to Jesus, accepting Him into her heart that day. Little did she know back then just how important that decision would be to her years from then.

Williams was born on the Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico, destined to live a nomadic lifestyle for the majority of her childhood years. Though the traveling was tough on her, she remembers her father’s singing making the moments more enjoyable. However, it wasn’t until she saw a lonely GI play his guitar on the bleachers of a deserted baseball field that she decided that music was what she wanted to do with her life.

Beth Williams’ career started with local fairs and talent shows. Williams won 1st place and $75.00 at the Kubasaki High School Talent Show after performing My Lord’s Song, one of her many original compositions.

Williams’ career really started right after she graduated from high school. She received calls to lead worship for various Church groups, as well as play her own music in local Churches.

From there, Williams started touring Central Texas, military bases and even overseas. Paying her dues eventually paid off as she started to be recognized by commercial publications. Three of the songs from her first album, First Class, appeared in BILLBOARD and CASHBOX magazines. She was nominated by the ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC, as “Best New Female Vocalist of the Year,” “Best Female Performer,” by the INDEPENDENT NEWS, and “Best Independent Female Vocalist” by CASHBOX.

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