Charlie Burton: A Love Affair with Rock n’ Roll

Charlie Burton’s Affair with Rock n’ Roll

At the age of 12, Charlie won a transistor radio and his love of music began. This passion grew and carried him right into the middle of the Austin, Texas music scene, where he is now a popular mainstay of tongue-in-cheek country and country-themed rock tunes. Though the rocker has formed and re-formed bands over the years, he has remained true to his rocking country style.

The Charlie Burton band released their first LP in 1980, and traveled the country promoting it. Later, they released two more LPs in the 80s, to great critical acclaim. They toured with several mainstream acts, including Joan Jett and the Ramones. In 1994 and 1995, Charlie toured the country with Evan Johns and recorded a CD with the Dutch band Tuxedo Buck. Later, Charlie formed the Texas Twelve Steppers, with whom he has released CDs and continues to tour.

Charlie Burton and the Texas Twelve Steppers’ first CD, Rustic Fixer-Upper met with great critical success, and their hilariously clever lyrics garnered them success in the Austin live music scene. “No Depression” magazine proclaims the album’s lyrical genius and musical strength, saying “While the album-opening “She’s Out of My Hair (But Not Out Of My Mind)” establishes Burton’s typical blend of bitters and wry…the honky-tonk interplay of Scott Walls on steel guitar and Erik Hokkanen on fiddle takes the music a long way from Nebraska’s cornfields.” The CD was a successful celebration of Charlie’s 20 years of making music and established him as a country rocker, able to naturally blend genres in his music.

In 2000, Charlie Burton became a member of the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame and has continued his love affair with music ever since.

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