DesChamps “Champ” Hood

DesChamps “Champ” Hood

Champ Hood gives the gift of life in his music, unfortunately, he lost his on November 3, 2001, at dawn. His debut solo album was released on January 20, 2002, entitled “Bon Haven”.

DesChamps “Champ” Hood was unique in the way he lived and the way he created music. It was always all about the music, in each lyric he wrote and in each note he played, whether on electric guitar, electric slide, national and acoustic guitars he carried and through his vocals. He impacted the music world, playing in Uncle Walt’s Band along with co-members Walter Hyatt, David Ball and himself. In the late seventies and early eighties, Champ Hood obtained a gig at the legendary “EmmaJoes” with Butch Hancock, David Rodriguez, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Hood also appeared on several albums. He worked around Austin when he wasn’t working in Austin, as a musician in Blaze Foleys’ band, Mandy Merciers’ band, Sarah Elizabeth Campbells’ band and performed a duo with David Halley. Periodically, he would tour with Lyle Lovett during the eighties and nineties.

The Texas Music Hall of Fame inducted Champ and he also brought new life back into Threadgill’s Restaurant’s ‘Singing and Supper’ entertainment. He was backed by the talents of the Threadgill Troubadours that consisted of Marvin Dykhuis, David Heath and Ron Erwin.

In the nineties, Champ became partners with Toni Price, who played with Casper Rawls, John “Mambo” Traenor, Papa Mali Rich Brotherton, Matt Giles and Scrappy Newcomb. He is missed by family members, band members and those who love the performers who want great music. Even though he has passed, his vibrant voice flows softly in his albums he has left for those who love his country ballads.

The album, “Bon Haven” is available for a collectible sound recording you won’t want to stop listening to. The soothing Champ voice and beautiful accompaniment of the band leaves the soul alive and full of life.

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