Junior Brown and His Dream

Junior Brown’s Dream

Anyone who sees Junior Brown live will be treated to an vast array of musical styles. At first glance, many concertgoers assume that they will see a classic country show, but with tunes from Ernest Tubb to Wayne Hancock and from Hendrix to Stevie Ray, Junior will delight and amaze.

Junior plays an instrument he deigned himself–a custom combination of a Tele and a steel guitar. He named this unique guitar his “guit-steel.” Legend has it that he came up with this guitar concept in a dream, drew it and found someone to fabricate it. With this versatile guitar, Junior can quickly switch from twangy surf sounds to luscious pedal steel type chords. Check out any Junior Brown videos to see this great creation.

Junior always includes a number of country classics in his shows, with tunes like “Highway Patrol” and “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead.” He often does a classic surf medley that of course includes “Pipeline” and a few tunes from the Ventures. His band usually includes a drummer who plays a snare only, a bass player and Junior’s wife Tanya Rae on driving rhythm guitar.

A high point of any Junior Brown concert is the eight-plus minute slow blues. Sometimes instrumental and other times performed with lyrics, Junior gets his guit-steel to moan the blues. Major blues figures like Albert and Freddy King are quoted frequently as Junior adds his own unique feel and power.

Check the web for Junior Brown tour dates. Those lucky enough to live in Austin can see him regularly. Others should not miss the chance to see an excellent and groundbreaking country, rock, surf and blues original.

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