James Rider – Scottish Folk Songs, Rock ‘n Roll and Blues

James Rider

The sounds of James Rider will get your feet stompin’ and your body moving with the beat to the country rock sounds of Rider and the 420 Turnaround. A songwriter that gives it to his listeners with a straight, “tell it like it is” technique, James Rider perfects the country-rock music that speaks well of Austin, Texas.

Rider doesn’t stop with the country rock sound, however. He delivers Scottish folk songs, rock ‘n roll and blues to take concert goers on a journey that isn’t likely to be forgotten any time soon. The diverse musician plays a range of raw rock ‘n roll to ballads and adds some good fun to the mix.

Born in Louisiana in 1970, Rider spent most of his childhood traveling with his family across the United States, covering areas from California to Alabama. Eleven years as an Army brat in Germany led him to his endeavors into the arts. Visual art classes in Philadelphia gave the artist his background with the guitar, an introduction that would soon lead him into songwriting and singing. The words developed into music and from the music came the voice. The rest is history.

Jimmy Buffett, Iron Maiden, Neil Young and Charlie Parker influenced the newcomer to play, sing and write in a diversified, unique way. Reckless Kelly, the Cadillac Voodoo Choir, and Dale Watson saw Rider and the 420 Turnaround as an opening act, giving audiences the electric start to a night of great music.

Rider’s solo acoustical performance was featured in the 1999 Austin Music Network television show, “What’s the Cover?”. Two months later, Rider performed and interviewed with Eddie Russell for the show, “Country East and West” on the Irish station JRRI. The release of the album “Four Twenty A.M.” developed fans across Europe, America and Australia with his acoustic-driven Americana sounds.

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