Pauline Reese Band is Nelson’s Favorite Female Artist

The Pauline Reese Band

Pauline Reese has been praised by Willie Nelson, grandfather of country music, as his “favorite female artist.” Pauline and her band certainly live up to this high praise, performing live and recording music that is know for big vocals, quality lyrics and traditional country feel. In 2010, the Texas music awards named Pauline their “Entertainer of the Year.” In the same year, Pauline and her band released their 6th album, “Just Getting Started,” on the Front Porch Music label.

Reverbnation calls Ms. Reese an “alt-country angel” and speaks highly of her energy on stage. Pauline Reese and her band certainly bring their best, with rocking live performances that have made them quite popular in the Austin, Texas live music scene. As a country musician, Ms. Reese has broken into a male-dominated genre and succeeded with flying colors. She has toured with acts like Cory Morrow, Jack Ingram and Kevin Fowler, to much acclaim. Behind such performances are hundreds of live shows played with her band, and quite a few studio albums.

Pauline Reese writes honest, bold lyrics about life and love, and isn’t afraid to use her big voice to showcase her thoughts in a soaringly melodic fashion. Her music is edgy and traditional all at once, seamlessly blending genres with her Dolly Parton-esque singing style and alternative guitar lines. She gives Carrie Underwood a serious run for her money when it comes to the best-looking female country star, and is magnetic and witty both on and off the stage.

With so much going for her, it’s no wonder Pauline Reese and her band have become such a popular country group on the Austin live music circuit. For a rocking good time, Ms. Reese is sure to deliver.

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