Perry Wing Trio: Ultimate Regional “Flavor” Band

Perry Wing Trio “Flavor” Band

Check out the MySpace page for the Perry Wing Trio, and you will find that the band prides itself on its regional local flavor in its music. By resounding the soulfulness of blues music and buoyant mood of honkey tonk bars, the Perry Wing Trio holds a special place in the heart of any Texan.

The newest album to be released by the Perry Wing Trio band is its album, “Weather the Storm.” The newest album has a folksy vibe to it, and it has been well received by fans of the Perry Wing Trio band. This album has an uplifting message for fans who have been hit hard by the tough economy. When the band releases an album, it usually goes on a tour of Europe. This way, people from all around the world can enjoy the musical talent of the Perry Wing Trio.

The lead guitarist of the Perry Wing Trio, Steven Thompson, has extensive experience and history in the Texas music scene. For over 19 years, Steve has been playing the guitar. Keith Morgan is the leading bass guitarist for the Perry Wing Trio. Morgan has been playing the bass guitar for over 13 years throughout all of Texas. Jason Myers is the lead keyboardist for the Perry Wing Trio. He has been playing the keyboard for over 5 years. He also works on projects for films on the side.

To date, the Perry Wing Trio has been doing mostly local shows in Texas. The Trio is currently working on another album that it hopes to have released soon. To date, the Perry Wing Trio has released four of the hottest albums to ever hit the blues scene of Texas music. Fans eagerly anticipate any of the upcoming albums that will be released by this soulful Texan band.

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