Bad Livers Do it Their Way in Austin Texas

The Bad Livers remain a legend

For the Bad Livers, the clubs in the Austin TX music scene in the 1990s proved to be very fertile ground. Bands with eclectic music styles like Bad Livers tended to do well and Bad Livers did an amazing job capitalizing on this.

Bad Livers originally began in 1990 as a trio. Their fan base enjoy their mongrelized music selection and were delighted that selections from Iggy Pop, Mississippi John Hurt, and the Carter Family could be heard all in once session of live music in Austin.

The Bad Livers use of instrumentation was an exception to the norm within the pop and rock realm. Austin TX live music would never be the same once lead singer Danny Barnes picked up his banjo in unison with Mark Rubin, a master bass and tuba player, and Bobby Grant who reigned on the guitar, mandolin as well as the tenor banjo. The band picked up Grant to replace Ralph White, an avid fiddle player who dabbled with the Mexican accordion.

1991 was a great year for the Bad Livers. In addition to enjoying a huge measure of success at the SXSW music conference, they were in huge demand by Austin clubbers who flocked like lemmings to hear them. All the ruckus eventually led to them getting signed by a couple of labels and producing six albums.

Although Bad Livers has never officially dissolved band members independent projects have taken precedence. Barnes continued to release several albums with a similar sound to what Bad Livers used to produce while Rubin continued to remain a fixture in the Austin TX live music scene.

It’s certain that Bad Livers had a profound effect on live music in Austin. The Bad Livers remain a legend in Austin TX music today.

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