Emily Kaitz and her Quizzical World

The Quizzical World of Emily Kaitz

With a personal music label like Pingleblobber Music, and written and recorded songs by such bands as Trout Fishing in America, The Austin Lounge Lizards and The Therapy Sisters, it isn’t at all hard to expect a variety of songs from Emily Kaitz that are intelligent, a bit eccentric, strangely humorous and even a bit twisted.

By maintaining a sense of humor and fun, Emily avoids performance burnout that can take its toll on even the best performance songwriters. She believes it’s a great mistake to take anything in the business too serious and confesses that she’s had just as much rejection as success. But she genuinely loves performing, and can often be found playing backup with a number of various artists or performing at some of the most unexpected venues.

Growing up in Virginia at around age fourteen, Emily Kaitz was greatly influenced by the Beatles, and began her singing career playing Beatles’ hits on her guitar, which accompanies her on all her singing gigs. After leaving Fayetteville Arkansas, where she had lived since 1998, she showcased her talent around the vibrant club scene in Austin, Texas and lived there for more than twenty years, playing every local joint that sponsored original acoustic talent, yet didn’t pay enough.

You’ll find most original songs by Emily Katz on six of her albums that she published under her label, Pingleblobber. She admits her voice isn’t her strong point, but she writes quirky songs that have an originality that no one else matches, and she’s been told my many that her unique voice perfectly matches her brand of music.

Emily’s song “Jay-Walkin” won the best Jazz/Soul/Blues songwriter category in the 1983 Austin Music competition. Though Emily Kaitz didn’t start performing since the early eighties, she’s been a songwriter in Austin since 1976, and has been a local hit around town ever since.

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