Austin Lounge Lizards

Austin Lounge Lizards - Texas-Style Comical Bluegrass

In a concert of comedy mixed with good old-fashioned bluegrass music, nothing tops a night out listening to the verbal comedic lines of the Austin Lounge Lizards. Hank Card, Darcie Deaville, Conrad Deisler and Bruce Jones fill an auditorium with their five-time award winning comical lines in songs such as “Life is Hardest When You’re Dumb” and “Jesus Loves Me But He Can’t Stand You.”

Austin Lounge Lizards are the missing link in between stand-up comedians and bluegrass music played well. Their rendition of Irving Berlin’s “C-U-B-A” could be heard in the background of Sicko, the Michael Moore flick of 2007 about the lack of healthcare in America. The “Morning Edition” on NPR radio, along with programs such as “Mountain Stage” and “E-Town” has also entertained the group.

The Lizards have put out their tenth album through the Houston music label, Blue Corn Music. Working on their 11th, it is certain they wont’disappoint fans. If you’ve never given the Austin Lounge Lizards a listen, it’s worth a few moments to have your laugh of the day.

With their slogan, “The Austin Lounge Lizards – leaner, greener, shorter,” they are touring around the nation and can be found on the official Facebook page and some videos on You Tube as well. They are definitely worth checking out if you’re up for some humor-based country fried lizards.

Get your news the way everyone should. Join the Austin Lounge Lizards for the most current news around. Mocking the culture that is Texas and the humorous side of current events, Austin Lounge Lizards deliver a concert that won’t soon be forgotten for both their musical talents and the lighter side of human nature. An Austin Loung Lizards are exciting novelty act that will bring tears of laughter and joy in a twisted, hilarious, and yet effective concert message that will defy all boundaries.

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