Newland Moorefield: Self-taught Folk-Jazz-Pop Artist

Newland Moorefield

A beautiful voice has shot out of Austin – with a beautiful woman behind the voice. Newland Moorefield is a singer and songwriter is a self-taught folk-jazz-pop artist who brings a variation of voices to the table. She is described as a southern Carole King, with a touch of Rickie Lee Jones and Laura Nyro, however Newland Moorefield also fires it up with a bit of Alanis Morissette, or at least with her single, “Spider”.

Even while picking up various artists, Moorefield brings her own unique talents to the stage. Seasoned vocals and a great piano player, Moorefield was born in the Appalachians but has moved to Austin, Texas and is making her name a household word.

A storywriter in every sense of the word, her haunting voice will send you on an emotional journey, while keeping you grounded. Stories of lives lost and lives that have been lived to the fullest, the poetry this artist delivers reminds us of human perseverance.

Moorefield was an honors grad from the Creative Writing Program of George Mason University and has used that education to write literature, poetry and her memoirs. With her formal education, it has enabled her to give fans a journey for their money.

From deep within her soul, she carefully places words into songs to create a colorful, emotional memory we don’t get through most artists. It’s an interesting journey she takes the listener on, one that you won’t want to miss out on.

Newland Moorefield is an innovative designer in the folk-pop-jazz genre, which can be heard on her album, “Threads of Mercury” through NewMoo Records. Phil Bass, Tony Campise, Danny Levin, Chris Maresh, Peter Mazzetti, Jonathan Moorefield, Newland Moorefield, Michael Rubin, Gary Slechta and Lonnie Trevino join Ms. Moorefield in the journey, taking us through the stages of her tale by adding the perfect musical talents, not to over take, but to enhance. The combination of wonderful musicians and a talented writer and singer keeps the listener intrigued and wanting more.

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