Peter Keane and His Story

The Story of Peter Keane

Peter Keane isn’t your normal Boston native. Keane set out in the 80s to make a name for himself in the blues and folk coffeehouse scene in the Boston area — he did a pretty good job for himself, too.

Peter Keane took his music seriously, so he wrote and composed his own music. He started recording his music roughly around 1992. By then, he had established his name in the coffeehouse circuit in Boston.

With his local fame surrounding him, Keane recorded his first two albums The Goodnight Blues and Walkin’ Around under the the Flying Fish Records. Bill Morrissey, producer of Flying Fish Records and a singer/songwriter, helped Keane jump-start his recording career.

Peter Keane’s last two albums, Another Kind of Blue and Million Street were recorded, produced and released by Broken White Records, a N.H. – based company.

Keane is known for setting new standards in the folk/blues acoustic genre. He is certainly no stranger to the genre, and he incorporates traditional phrases and sounds, along with new phrases and sounds, to create something that his fans would love.

Keane’s music was starting to really take off, being a featured performer at the 2000 Newport Folk Festival. After many shows and albums, Keane relocated to Austin, TX. As of 2009, Keane works as a librarian at the University of Texas in Austin.

He considers himself as semi-retired, putting his recording and touring on the back burner. However, he is still known to play local shows in the Austin Area. You can listen to and download his music on his official website: His music is under the creative commons copyright license, which allows people to use his music with permission.

If Peter Keane were to come out of semi-retirement, there is no doubt that he would shake up the Austin coffee house scene with his blues/folk sounds.

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