Sarah Elizabeth Campbell: Unique Folk Singer

Sarah Elizabeth Campbell–A Unique Folk Singer/Songwriter

Sarah Elizabeth Campbell is a contemporary singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Campbell writes heartfelt lyrics and sings them in her poignant, haunting voice. This vocal quality sets her apart from other folk singers. The strong passion found in Campbell’s touching lyrics is emphasized by her depth of feeling and straightforward vocal style.

Her mother sang and played the piano so Campbell’s childhood was filled with music, mostly religious. She began singing in public at the age of eleven and knew she had found what she was meant to do. Sarah Elizabeth Campbell refers to herself as having been a wild youngster. Most of her associates were several years older than she was. At sixteen she spent her time at the Split Rail to listen to Frieda and the Firedogs. Not long after that she began singing and writing songs more seriously.

“Running With You” was only Campbell’s second album (released in 1994), but it was nominated for the Best Folk Album of the Year NAIRD Award for best independent musician. Her unvarnished vocals and the feeling with which she sings them make her stand out from the crowd. Her music reflects her life and is viewed by her as “a cheap form of therapy.”

By her early twenties, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell joined the Fiddlesticks, a bluegrass/folk group in northern California. She was the singer, guitarist and occasionally played the banjo with them for twelve years before making her way alone. Campbell quickly grew in popularity, performing at the Strawberry Musical Festival in California and the Kerriville Music Festival in Texas, as well as other venues throughout the U.S. She even made a lasting impression on those attending Switzerland’s Fruitigen Singer/Songwriter Festival. Campbell still tours about half of the year. She maintains her popularity today especially in her Texas home town.

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