Sarah Elizabeth Campbell Proves That Great Hits Don’t Always Have to Be Upbeat

Sarah Elizabeth Campbell

Most of the Sarah Elizabeth Campbell’s success is a due to her touching lyrics, the poignancy of her style and voice and her depth of feeling. Born in Austin, her inspirational idols growing up fell within a range of popular artists, from Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Bonnie Raitt, to Billie Holiday, Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Once she performed in pubic at around eleven, she knew instinctively and beyond any doubt that singing would be her professional career.

Sarah Campbell never had any problem performing before an audience and became somewhat of a sensation in Austin when she was still a teen. She eventually joined up with the Fiddlesticks and developed quite a California bluegrass and folk cult following, in spite of the fact they never released an album. She stayed with the band for about twenty years before she went solo with her debut album “Little Tenderness,” which was released in 1990 by the label Kaleidoscope.

The solo release of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell was critically acclaimed and she received some success until Kaleidoscope folded due to personal matters with the owner. Four years later, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell’s next hit album was “Running With You,” bought by the Austin-based label DejaDisc. Not only was Sarah Campbell in the top four finalist for the independent NAIRD music award, but was runner-up for the Best Folk Album of the Year NAIRD Award.

Sarah Campbell was a premier local hit at Austin’s La Zona Rosa, where she returned and performed regularly with her band and several other guest artists. She was known for her moody ballads, and even hosted “Bummer Night” — sad songs only being the one rule that applied. She contributed various tracks to two Austin music collections, including a couple of tracks to “Pastures of Plenty: An Austin Celebration of Woody Gunthrie,” which was an album collection produced by DejaDisc and that received some of the highest praises of the album.

The country musical compositions of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell are greatly inspired by compositions of some of her favorite songwriters, and her material is written to sooth those periodic heartaches and quench the appetite of dark melodic yearnings. Sarah Campbell admits that she is “drawn to sad songs. I think my voice is built for it. That torchy stuff is easy for me to sing.”

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