Connie Kirk’s Story: Austin Jazz

Connie Kirk

Connie Kirk is not your typical musician. Kirk was born and raised in Austin, TX. Her music career started very early, in the second grade to be exact. From then until college, Kirk won numerous musical competitions.

Kirk attended college at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, where she obtained a BS degree in Education and a minor in arts. Even in school, Kirk was an active part of musical events, including halftime events during football games. Kirk graduated in 1972 and pursued a serious career in music. Little did she know, she would have an amazing life as a musician.

Connie Kirk performed with many great jazz musicians, including Jimmy Martin, who used to play for the late Sammie Davis Jr.

After an amazing few years in the Houston music scene, Kirk returned to her hometown in Austin in 1975. Her intentions were to study the local music scene in the place where she grew up. Kirk knew she wanted to be the hometown hero. However, she was sidetracked by another passion of hers. Kirk joined the Peace Corp and went to serve as a volunteer teacher in Swaziland, Southeast Africa.

Due to the growing war in Africa, Kirk evacuated home to Austin and joined her first band, Taxi. Though that band eventually broke up, Kirk and Richie, the band’s front man and pianist, joined together to form a duet.

Connie Kirk went on to produce and release her first CD, “Never Met Nobody.” She wrote and composed eight out of the 10 songs on the CD.

Kirk believes that it is never too late to fulfill your dream, which is why she is still going strong in the Austin jazz scene. Look out for Connie Kirk.

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