Karan Chavis Played with Blues Legend B.B. King

Karan Chavis is an Old-School Blues Singer

With a deep, bluesy soulful voice, Karan Chavis brings back memories of the old-style sultry, smoke-filled southern clubs that hosted artists that engulfed the listener for hours of musical pleasure.

Performing with legends as B.B. King, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Aaron Neville and the Neville Brothers, Bo Diddley, Asleep at the Wheel and more, Karan Chavis ensures a truly unforgettable performance and commands respect in the genre.

Austin Texas admires the musical talents of Chavis to the point of creating a “Karan Chavis Day”, to recognize the talent and work she has put into her career. Voted among the top-ten best female vocalists in the Austin Chronicle Music Awards, she has appeared several times on the Austin Music Network Television and KUT’s Live set.

Energetic and talented, she has worked with professional publishing and songwriting greats in Nashville Tennessee. Chavis stuns audiences with her prodigious vocals, while digging deep into her soul to give the words a true meaning. This singer is nothing short of incredible.

Memorable performances from Karan Chavis and the band, with a diverse combination of jazz, rhythm and blues, blues, country and rock and roll, are a fascinating inclusion in every concert. The band consists of Jamie Hilboldt, David Webb, Monte Mann, Larry Seyer, Kevin Hall, Lannie Hilboldt and Mark Harris to give Chavis the rich depth surrounding her vocals.

An experience to be felt, heard and not missed by any true music lover of the numerous genres she covers. Her inspirational songs give a whole new meaning to the word, “inspire”, with a large vocal range she is capable of charging into songs and creating goose-bumps on the spines of those listeners present. Charismatic and strong, Karan Chavis is an artist not to be missed.

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