Ron Brown’s Life and Work

Ron Brown

Saxophone player, composer, and creator of the ministry Urban Dreams Foundation, Ron Brown is so much more than just a jazz artist. He tours all over the world where his live music and church performances attract followers of jazz and gospel alike.

While Ron made his first home in Austin, TX, he resides in Los Angeles and also frequents Japan. Regardless, his importance and popularity in his hometown can not be overlooked. For example, when people travel in Austin, they will likely hear about how May 8, 1997 was declared “Ron Brown Day” by the mayor.

Ron’s music career began on a large scale when joining The Duke Ellington Orchestra. He recorded and toured for 20 years with heavy hitters like Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. After a life changing experience and overcoming ongoing personal struggles, he dedicated his life to praising God through his actions and music.

In 1997, following the release of his first solo album “From My Eyes Only,” Ron created Mankind Records, his own recording label. Shortly after, in 1999, he released “Urban Jazz Network/Urban Dreams,” which featured a lineup of gifted guest musicians.

In 2001 he followed up with his gospel CD “In The Spirit.” His next CD, “Were You There,” was released in 2003 and combined smooth jazz with contemporary gospel featuring vocalists Tim Kepler and Tiffany Laing. Listeners can find Ron Brown music for sale at stores like, CD Universe and on Amazon.

When not composing songs, Ron Brown is taking his “Jazz in the Spirit” concert series around the world. He also holds gospel study courses on a national level and leads his “Spirit of Unity Choir.”

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