Will Taylor and Taylor and the Strings Attached

The Story of Will Taylor

Every once in a while, a musician comes along that challenges your way of thinking how music ought to be played. Will Taylor is one of those musicians. Taylor knew he didn’t want to travel the road of traditional performance in the musical arts, though he does love to perform. Instead, Taylor took his talent in a completely different direction than his peers.

Taylor’s story goes back to 1999, when he decided to wow Austin audiences with his unique style of composition, arrangement and performance. Taylor assembled a crew of talented jazz and contemporary roots musicians to form a group that can effectively rearrange other types of music to make something amazing.

Taylor moved his group — Strings Attached — away from the traditional smokey club scene into the more sophisticated and acoustic-friendly Church sanctuaries.

As of now, Taylor and the Strings Attached group have performed more than 50 concerts to more than 12,000 audience members, and even more than that through a live radio broadcast, thanks to KGSR. Additionally, the group has made appearance on the following radio stations:

  • KUT
  • KLBJ
  • KMFA
  • KOOP

During the last few years, Will Taylor and Strings Attached have successfully rearranged music from popular musicians and bands, including:

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Pink Floyd
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Jimi Hendrix

Perhaps they are most noted for recreating the Beatles’ whole White album to over 1,600 audience members.

Don’t think that Will Taylor is done yet, either. Taylor and Strings Attached still manage to inspire people through the power of music. Whether it is in Church sanctuaries or school auditoriums, be assured that Will Taylor is still captivating audience members with his beautiful renditions of popular music.

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