AZTEX and Joel Guzman/Sarah Fox

Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox and AZTEX

A new breed of Latin band—Los Aztex—drew from Hispanic influences around the world. Joel Guzman (accordionist/producer/arranger) and Sarah Fox (singer/songwriter) formed the group with Glen Fukunaga adds a bluesy sound with his brass work, and Texan Bradley Kopp and Afro-Cuban guitarist Russell Scanlon provided guitar virtuosos. Michael Hale played percussion and drums, and Coro singer Angel Santos, Jr. finished out the group. Los Aztex slimmed down, becoming simply Aztex with Guzman/Fox and bajo-sexto player Max Baca.

Aztex is extremely familiar with the Tejano musical styles of Central and South Texas. It takes from traditional rhythms of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama and elsewhere forming a unique bilingual blend. Aztex’ music blends romance, heartbreak and protest themes taken from historic and current activities. Their musical expertise and influence includes multiple musical styles, such as blues, rock, jazz, folk, and Conjunto Americana.

Sarah Fox has the expressive, versatile voice of a jazz singer which lends its skills beautifully to the “caliente” Latin themes. The music’s melodic twists are timed to accentuate Sarah’s excellent grace. Joel Guzman, her husband, terms their music “Latinology” describing through his accordion artistry and the study it makes of all sounds Latin.

As the Latino population increases throughout the U.S., the music industry will open more slots for Guzman and Fox’s melded style of music. Their emphasis remains on the exotic Latin sounds rounded out by the wide variety of rhythms and vocals from this cultural background worldwide. For such a talented duo, they have managed to stay out of the pop-culture limelight and like it that way. This unassuming couple remains humble, easily approachable individuals with varied taste in music and talent to spare. Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox want young musicians to take new ideas from their compilation of historic styles.

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