Tribal Nation: Former members of Killer Bees, Gingerbread Men and Root 1

Tribal Nation – Funk-Reggae that Makes Your Body Move

Tribal Nation is comprised of a powerful artist mixture of veteran musicians and former members of the Killer Bees, the Gingerbread Men and Root 1. They come together to create a funk-reggae sound that makes your body want to move.

Pulling talents from songwriters and singers of the group, the original creative mix explodes into a sexy, funky reggae beat with a combination of two Saxes, trumpet and trombone, enhancing the beat of bass and drums to set the pace.

Coming from a family of musicians, Willette T. Wallace produced her first solo CD, “My Story…Willette…with Love”. The clarity of her voice and soulful sounds give the group a great vocalist.

Mike Franklin wails out sounds on his keyboard and adds to the flavor of the reggae music band with his voice. Franklin is a founder of the former Austin band, “Moving Parts”, known for their funk, reggae and jazz sounds. He has opened for legends such as Larry Carlton and The Neville Brothers before joining up with Tribal Nation.

Dwayne Jackson delivers great sounds with his vocals and bass. Song writing joins his niche of guitar. Known as D-Madness, he has performed as an opener of such greats as Black-eyed Peas and Roots.

Diane Casey waves the magic wand to make it all happen as the sound technician for the group. Reggae has been her favorite style since childhood. Knowing the tricks of the trade, Diane encases the whole show with her magical touch of genius.

Hoppy Hopson has been a Texas boy all his life. Drums are his forte, from his 1967 beginnings until now. He has played on stage with Jerry Lee Lewis, Sons of the Pioneers and Johnny Stout and the Country Squires. Killer Bees’ spin-off band, Spy vs. Spy, was home to Hopson for a few years until he joined up with Tribal Nation.

Eddie McNames plays a raging trumpet for Tribal Nation and loves living in Austin and playing with world class musicians.

Wallace Hawkins has toured with Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Killer Bees, Johnny Taylor and Tyrone Davis. He’s also played for One Nation, UZ2BZ. Tribal horns give the band a complete, rich sound with his professional knowledge of the trombone.

Melvin Wilburn on tenor saxophone and Mark Wilson on baritone sax lend hand to the rounded out sounds of Tribal Nation. The dual saxophone combination develops the layers the group needs to perfect the complete, traditional reggae sound.

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