Donna Lynn Kay: Austin Singer & Guitarist

Profile: Donna Lynn Kay, Austin Singer & Guitarist

Donna Lynn Kay is a blues singer, songwriter and slide guitarist who has lived in both Austin, Texas and Canada. Her music was influenced by the work of blues artists in the southern United States, including Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. She was born in the city of Sudbury, Ontario, according to the brief bio on her website.

While living in Austin, Donna Lynn Kay performed in a number of different venues across the state of Texas. She alternated between acoustic and electric guitars, according to the Blueheart Archive. Kay played solo at times, but performed with a band more frequently. Her music proved popular with blues fans in both Texas and Canada.

The first CD of her music was entitled “Electric Blue” and contained nine songs. The Blueheart Archive indicates that they include two originals and seven classics, such as “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” and “Come on in my Kitchen.” Her website indicates that these songs are also offered through the Internet-based Apple iTunes service.

In addition to live performances, CDs and iTunes downloads, blues fans can find her music in at least two other formats. Some radio stations in Canada, the southern U.S., and Europe play her music from time to time, according to her website. The website provides a few free audio samples of her most recent songs as well.

Donna Lynn Kay lyrics remain difficult to come by; it’s possible to locate the words to some of her music by finding the lyrics to classic songs she performs. Although not very well-known nationally, she has achieved regional fame by putting an interesting new spin on the classics of blues while alternating her performance style.

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