54 Seconds: Spencer Gibb – Cross Between Barry Gibb and Bono of U2

54 Seconds

Spencer Gibb moved from Florida to Texas because of a dream he had – a dream he would fulfill. In 1997, after arriving in Texas, he began to sing with a group called “Jez Spencer”, consisting of Gibb, JJ Johnson, Stewart Cochran Johnny Goudie and Einar.

Goudie had eventually left to begin his own band and after a few months, Einar decided to perform with the same band Goudie was with. The other members of Jez Spencer developed their sound, playing shows and searching for a manager. Eventually they ran into Mark Chaplin, an old friend of Gibb’s. Chaplin wanted to play their music for his partner in London, John Wadlow, known as Seal’s former manager.

Wadlow and Gibb were not suited for each other and banged heads from the beginning. Wadlow felt a bit unimpressed that the band didn’t have a real name and only one song stuck out for him – “In A Box”. Even in the song, “In A Box”, he felt the chorus came too late, informing them that a good pop song would begin the chorus at around 54 seconds. With that, Gibb told Wadlow that they would name the band 54 Seconds and you can go (censored).

Chaplin liked the name, even though Gibb was only kidding when he said it, although after talking it over with the group, they decided it was the band name for them. 54 Seconds was born and ready to play their soothing ballads and mellow sounds for the world.

From there, Gibb became a favorite, with his voice that sounds as though it’s a cross between Barry Gibb and Bono of U2, with some verses more like a unique blend of his own. While sounding like other legends, he has a unique voice that carries most any song to perfection. 52 Seconds creates a journey through their music, lyrics and genius. They are a group that can take you on an emotional roller coaster in concert, however they leave a memory of an enjoyable evening.

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