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Aliah Selah

Aliah Selah began her musical/artistic career as a child. By the time she was 3, she took dance lessons, and began playing piano at 7. She quickly started improvising and creating her own music. When she was in high school, she began playing the saxophone, and decided to devote her life to music. She started attending Phoenix College full time, playing saxophone and practicing yoga. She later earned a vocal scholarship from Berklee School of Music, which enabled her to follow her passion even more. She incorporates spirituality, depth, inspiration, and intimate details about her life in all of her work. Before she made her current residence (Santa Cruz, California) her home, she lived in Berkeley, San Francisco, Boston, Austin & San Diego.

The two albums that Aliah Selah has released are Living In The Shade, which leans towards a funky/blues sound, and Shades of Images, which falls under an alternative/pop genre. She has always written and performed her own songs. She has performed in concert in countries throughout the globe and the U.S. During the 2008 Music Awards, she was nominated for her unique spoken word/vocal song “Little Shelf.” After pursuing music even further, she met Paz, her soulmate and bandmate. His talents include guitar, bass, flute, and hand drums. They have one child together, and his name is Zach.

Aliah continues to follow a very spiritual path, practicing (and teaching) yoga, eating a vegetarian diet, acupressure, and practicing holistic healing. She has over 25 years of experience in the art of natural healing, and continues to teach wellness consulting and holistic healing. Aliah Selah is truly a multi-faceted artist who keeps true to herself and continues to share her knowledge and compassion with others.

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