Buzzie: Lead Vocalist John McElhenney

John McElhenney is the lead vocalist of Buzzie

The former vocalist of Blue Cartoon, John McElhenney steps out with his unique vocals to give Buzzie the hot sound they convey. Austin Texas promotes another great band with Buzzie, adding to the multitude of legendary and diverse bands that have come out of the sizzling musical city.

With John McElhenney on guitar and lead vocalist for the group, Jon Noter-Thomas blending his superb on-key notes with his vocals and guitars, Josh Zarbo on bass and vocals to add the rich depth the band has, drums and percussion played by Don Pryor are tempting the ear to hear more and the Buzzie girls lending their voices to round it all out, Susan McElhenney and Kim Smith round it all out into the innovative group they are.

McElhenney, songwriter for the band, spills his heart and soul out on paper and the band brings it all to life. Brilliant lyrics such as “She’s Gone” prove the talent of the lyricist as he wrote the tune for Blue Cartoon although now it carries the Buzzie attitude, making it all the better.

Everyone is a-buzz for the creative, explosive band in the pop genre. Buzzie delivers for the fans as well as intriguing the newcomers that happen to catch a note or two. From the fall of 1999 until now, McElhenney is bringing the “deeper side of pop” to the stage. This talented Texan boy has created a Shangri-La in the pop genre.

With the creation of their latest album, “Shooting Beer Cans Off the Buddha”, the group pulls away from the rest of the pack in their six new releases. Packed with talent, the new tracks show the diversity of this superstar pop band. Listening to “Last Flowers”, “Just Another Day,” “I Wanna Love You”, “I Was Wrong”, “Walk Away”, and ending where they started with a beautifully produced instrumental version of the lead song, “Last Flowers”, the band imports well-crafted pop music like no other. Buzzie is summed up in one word – amazing.

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