Daniel Johnson and Hi, How Are You

Daniel Johnson: Hi, How Are You?

Daniel Johnson is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from originally from Sacramento, California. Although he has lived all over the country, his music was not well known until he entered the Austin music scene. One of the biggest attributes to Johnston’s strange musical creations is the fact that he has been diagnosed with manic depression and schizophrenia. Many of his greatest song writing experiences are the result of him various mental states.

The style of his music is that of a singer-song writer. His songs are mainly composed of progressing guitar chords with Johnston singing his own lyrics. Johnston has recorded a whooping 31 released albums, some of which were released many years after they were recorded. Most of his albums were released by Atlantic Records after he switched from Yip Eye Music. His most recent albums are Fear Yourself, Discovered Covered, and Is and Always Was. His first album, Songs of Pain, was recorded and published in 1981. The album was recorded on a tape recorder in the basement of his parents’ house.

He and his friends handed out copies of the cassette tape to anyone who would take it. This cassette launched his budding music career, even though it would be years before he could ditch the tape recorder for more advanced recording equipment. Johnston also works as an artist. His work can be found in many galleries such as The Clementine Gallery in New York.

In fact, his work, entitled “Hi, How Are you,” was often seen on a shirt worn by Kurt Cobain during his prime in the 1990′s. Fans can follow Johnston’s work and news on his website and his Facebook fan page.

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