The Story of Jamie Lee Bradford

Jamie Lee Bradford

Jamie Lee Bradford is no rookie in the music industry. On the contrary, Bradford is a veteran singer/songwriter in the Austin area. His style is a little bit of blues, a little bit of rock and a whole lot of soul. Bradford understands how to place his emotions in every piece of music he performs. He is able to identify with the meaning of every song, whether the song is his or not.

Would you believe me if I told you that Bradford was popular in Europe before he became well known in the US? It’s true; Bradford released his album, In this Carnation, in Europe, where it received heavy radio play.

Jamie Lee Bradford was born Orange County, Virginia. Church singing and the radio were the only two reference points for Bradford’s musical inspiration. Perhaps the Church music reference is the reason why Bradford puts genuine emotion into every one of his songs.

Of course, his reference points didn’t just stay with Church singing and radio. Bradford developed an interest for Tin Pan Alley writers and writers like Dan Penn, Doc Pomus and Carole King.

Jamie Lee Bradford is also known to contribute his talents to other performer’s work. For example, you can find Bradford on Nancy Apple’s CD and Cornell Hurd’s Song of South Austin.

Jamie Lee Bradford is well known in his area. So much in fact that other artists cover Bradford’s songs. Of course, no one can put the raw energy and emotion into Bradford’s songs like Bradford himself. Bradford claims that the reason he can put those kinds of emotions behind his music is because he genuinely lives every word he sings. That is a fine testimonial to every aspiring musician.

If you want others to believe you, you have to believe in yourself first.

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