Jerry Rigged and Rodent Ranch Productions

Jerry Rigged and Rodent Ranch Productions

Rodent Ranch Productions is owned and operated by well known Austin musician, Jerry Rigged. Jerry Rigged began Rodent Ranch productions in 1988 with the release of his own album Jerry Rigged Piano. The label has released a couple of albums and a few sons which have received lots of airplay in Central and South America.

Jerry has been an “indie” artist in Austin, Texas for years now and has played live music in Austin TX, on many occasions. In fact, many people claim that you can’t play live music in Austin, without Jerry Rigged being involved in some way. Fans state the genre doesn’t seem to matter for him, he just loves playing music in Austin TX.

The Austin TX live music scene is definitely filled with characters. Jerry Rigged is certainly a colorful one and a definitive asset to Austin TX music.

Jerry Rigged’s first indie release was titled “Jerry Rigged Piano.” Jerry Rigged is a roots-rock/country songwriter talented in playing the piano, keyboard, and the guitar. His songs have been received well locally in Austin, Texas and around the world, from South America to Europe.

His songs are all lyric driven and hook loaded.His albums feature the fun “Down on Trailer Home Love”, the very personal “Who Changed You” and a gospel favored song called “Let Me Pretend”.

Without a doubt Jerry is one of the most original artists in Austin, TX. His music, his work and his talent couldn’t be duplicated by anyone. Although not nationally well known, he is known locally in many circles. He’s well respected by other local musicians.

Jerry’s work with Rodent Ranch Productions is phenomenal. Jerry Rigged is definitely an Austin TX music icon.

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