Leeann Atherton: Smooth Blues

The Smooth Blues of Leeann Atherton

Soulful blues with a touch of country twang is always a great thing, however in the case of Leeann Atherton, it’s a wonderful thing. Leeann and the band give the audience a smooth delivery of bluesy, Janis Joplin–style soulful playbill. The iconic gravely voice of Janis can be heard in a verse or two of “What’s Your Situation?”, as Leeann Atherton flawlessly releases each beautiful note. The guitarist/song writer/singer splashes into the scene with great music, the perfect sound, and words that soak into the soul.

Music is understood throughout the world, splitting the language barriers, as seen through Leeann Atherton’s concert in Japan. Leeann Atherton and her band laid it all out on the table with songs such as “Something to Crow About”. With the natural reaction of the audience, Leeann Atherton had hit the mark.

Leeann Atherton has a style all her own, even while fulfilling a bit of the Janis fix. There is one thing the audience will walk away with after listening to a Leeann Atherton concert – the guitar, lyrics, harmonica, singing and music Leeann Atherton masters scratches the blues itch.

A bit of blues, gospel, soul and swing all flow from her soul, oozing with old-fashioned, toe-tapping sounds that soothe the spirit. Studying spirituals of the South Carolina Islands and having the opportunity to blend with a black choir, Leeann Atherton developed her own style after working with hardened professionals in Nashville. Returning to her home town of Austin, Leeann rounded it all off in recording sessions at Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio after being introduced to Robert Earl Keen’s acclaimed guitarist, Rich Brotherton. The friendship brought about her first independent release of “Only Glory”.

As time went on, Leeann performed with legend Slim Richey to record a CD of Jazz standards. The combination of Leeann Atherton and Russian composer Zhenya Rock gave the singer the release of “Gypzee Heart,” which was a blend of folk cultures from each of the musicians.

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