Murry Woods and the Tangled Blue are Blue’s Rock

Murry Woods and the Tangled Blue

Murry Woods and Tangled Blue have a unique bluesy-rock acoustic sound that draws the listener into their evocative, heartfelt music. The band released their first CD in 1996 and have been making music ever since. Their live shows are famous for keeping people dancing all night long, but their albums don’t disappoint either.

Murry Woods displays an impressive range of musical styles and knowledge of music theory in his playing. This may be due to his academic musical training, but whatever it is, it sets Mr. Woods apart from his blues-rock counterparts. His use of key changes and interesting chord combinations is unusually daring. He also displays an innate sense of pairing lyrics with melody. His voice is often smoky and emotional, though it grows with the music. The instruments work in true harmony with his melodic lines, one never overwhelming the other.

Murry Woods shows the listener different sides of his music across his most recent albums. His 2005 release, Camel’s Eye, is a true blues album. “Dreams” pulls at the listener’s heart, with an uncluttered guitar line and simply melodious harmonies, evoking a true sense of dreaming. “Til Another Day” features a more complicated rhythm line but remains in true blues style.

With his 2008 release of “Look Around,” Mr. Woods and his band show that they are still part of the rock scene in Austin. This album is the one most likely to get people out on those Texas dance floors. “My Fault for Trusting You” uses gritty vocals and mildly distorted electric guitar to keep you moving as you listen. Murry’s style on this song is especially evocative of Stevie Ray Vaugahn. “Tell You No Lies” is unique in its use of heavily distorted electric guitar solos and more vocals that evoke Stevie Ray’s style.

With such a range of musical styles, it’s obvious why Murry Woods and Tangled Blue are such a popular Austin live blues band.

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