Patrick DeCoste American Rock Guitarist

American Rock Guitarist Patrick DeCoste

Patrick DeCoste hails from Massachusetts, and he is building a name for himself as an American rock guitarist. He started playing guitar at 13 years old and studied at a variety of prestigious music programs over the years. He is an articulate instrumental guitarist who draws listeners in from the moment he plays the first chord or plucks the first note of a song.

In 1992, he studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music’s Summer Sessions, and he studied at Berklee College of Music’s 5-Week Summer Program and Summer Guitar Sessions in 1994 and 1995. He attended Berkelee College of Music’s Boston City Music Program between 1994 and 1996 on a full scholarship.

DeCoste has released 2 CDs. He topped the charts in 2003 with his Advanced Demo CD. DeCoste then released his first full-length album, “Inside the Unsaid,” in 2004. This album debuted at number three with two Grammy winners. His music is regularly played at sporting events and on radio shows.

DeCoste’s Boston fan base love his ability to put a new spin on rock instrumental guitar. His strong and original compositions are loved by thousands. He is a talented musician who plays in the Boston area on a regular basis. His version of “Star Spangled Banner” has especially become well-known.

Patrick DeCoste has played with a wide variety of well-known musicians, such as Gary Hoey of Surdog Records, Lori McKenna of Warner Bros. Nashville, Ed Toth Vertical Horizon/ Doobie Bros, and Chris Loftlin Brian Mcknight’s bass player.

Patrick DeCoste is taking instrumental rock guitar to new heights. Watch for his next achievements, and prepare to be impressed with his skills and talent.

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