Phil Hurd: Leader of the Tumbling Dice

Phil Hurd and the Tumbling Dice

With over 30 years in the music business, Phil Hurd has gained a reputation as one of Austin’s premier guitarists. He currently leads the band “Tumbling Dice,” named as an homage to one of his favorite bands, The Rolling Stones. A roots/rock singer, songwriter and guitarist, Phil was greatly influenced by Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones along with many other classic bands wih strong guitarists.

Phil has performed with many Austin area bands, including Blood of Keith, a band that was named in honor of Keith Richards. Phil played lead guitar on German band “Borrowed Tunes” album “Local Flavor” and also performed and recorded with another German band, Broken Radio.

Phil Hurd Music

Phil has performed and recorded extensively and has released eight albums, three of which are available commercially. Phil toured Europe in 2001 and 2005. His songs have been played nationally and internationally, and he has received numerous awards for his music. Two of Phil’s original songs, “Lookin’ For Answers” and “So Fed Up” are featured on the soundtrack for the movie “El Segundo” which was filmed in Texas.

Phil Hurd’s Instruments

Phil owns and performs with a variety of guitars, including Ampeg Dan Armstrongs and Epiphone Les Pauls. He says that his guitar playing is “very much in the style of Keith Richards” and he “cites The Rolling Stones as his main influence. When asked how the internet has changed the music industry, Phil said that “it makes everything more immediately accessible for everyone.”

As one of the premier guitarists in the Austin area, Phil Hurd offers a style of music reminiscent of rock and roll singers of the past, while bringing his own personal touch to the music.

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