Aqua Ape and Scott Leever

Aqua Ape/Scott Leever and Experimental Rock Based Techno

Aqua Ape is an experimental project founded by music legend and Austin celebrity Scott Leever. Leever is an up and coming musician who is very popular in the Austin, Texas region. Aqua ape is only one of many projects by Scott Leever. While Leever is the only actual member of the band, many guest musicians have also recorded with him on Aqua Ape’s albums.

Aqua Ape’s sound can best be described as rock based techno. His music is guitar driven and highly skilled like the work of Joe Satriani but with more of an electronic sound. Most of the tracks are heavily laden with guitar, but the overall sound and beat of the music is something Aqua Ape’s listeners can dance to.

Aqua Ape has released two albums through The Orchard record label. The first, titled Frontiers, has ten tracks. Each track has the same techno sound that one would expect from Scott Leever. His second album, Dreams of Saturn, has eleven tracks and is much like his first album. Dreams of Saturn feels more guitar based than the first album, which relies more heavily on computer based techno beats.

Through all Leever’s music, and especially in his Aqua Ape albums, you can hear Leevers’s musical influence. They include the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, and Jeff Beck for his guitar work, and Tribal Tech for his more computer beat based beats and sounds.

Although Leever does not have a website for Aqua Ape, fans can follow him on his Facebook page to keep informed on all of Leever’s musical projects. On Aqua Ape’s Facebook page, fans can listen to music samples and tracks from Leever’s newest projects and works and provide feed back.

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