Maneki Neko: Power of Music and Ambience

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko, which means good luck cat in Japanese, consists of Al Mikula, who is a soundscape artist, recording engineer and composer. Maneki Neko history began with Al’s early introduction to diversity in locations such as Southern California and Iceland. The CD, which is titled “Auracle”, features a mixture of ambient music that is ideal for relaxation, yoga and meditation or massage therapy.

The music on “Auracle” has a chilling tone to it that mixes a melody with deep and satisfying musical touch. It has plenty of depth and purpose that engages the mind to take a step back to enter into a state of ambience. This album, which could also be called beckoning cat if translated to the Japanese equivalent, features only 5 songs but they are a steady blend of traditional instruments and melodies that have influences from cultures all over the world.

The tracks that have been placed on “Auracle” include “Miroku” which features influences from Tibetan prayer and Egyptian ney. Daybreak lasts a little over 20 minutes, but makes a gong noise every 60 seconds as a reminder to change poses. “Cats sleeping on the Clouds” is a tribute to the environment and features a Japanese bamboo flute. It really gives meaning to the Chinese good luck cat meaning for the name of the artist, as it gives the impression of being supple and serene. The fourth track, “Drifting Between the Stars”, attempts to move the individual from focusing on daily stressors to taking 15 minutes to relax and center themselves. Last but not least, “The Road to Madurai”, travels with Tibetan bells in a melodic path for an incoming spiritual journey.

Maneki Neko promises to use the power of music and ambience to force the brain away from stress and frustration.

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