Tradicion and Antonio Garcia


In 2005, Atlanta Georgia was home to the newly formed Latin Orchestra, “Orquesta Tradicion Latina” or ‘Tradicion’. Antonio Garcia created the band, hoping to entertain those fans of classic salsa music. Garcia ensures those listening they will have a night filled with a traditional hot Latin beat, mixed with the Latin flavor and many opportunities to enjoy the Latin salsa dancing routines that are so widely considered popular.

Antonio began his career as a drummer, playing congas for a salsa band his cousin was in from Fort Worth, Texas. The playbill housed Latin jazz, rock, tejano and salsa. The band, known as “Latin Express”, was fun during the time he was involved.

Moving to Atlanta in the summer of 1997, his percussion talents involved delivering the percussion perfection to restaurants and private parties. Antonio was becoming more aware of the various styles of music being played by the best of the best, like Raul Rikow of Carlos Santana’s band.

During the summer of 2001, he ran into two local musicians, which he gathered to form small bands that would play with him in restaurants, festivals and in the private party spectrum. The talented trio sounded great together, which is the base of the group that is now known as Orquesta Tradicion Latina today.

Tradicion is now a twelve piece orchestra with an ability to play Merengue, Latin, Jazz, rock, salsa and other styles as well. Tradicion has opened for various other bands such as Grupo Niche, Ismael Miranda, Sonora Carrucel, Tito Rojas, Fruko and played beside Latin artists La India and Orquesta Guayacan.

The group plays a conga beat, slathered with a topping of hot salsa, to get a unique rhythmic dance beat going that can’t be ignored. Even while playing various venues, this hot salsa band is available to entertain in festivals, parties and events.

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